Tropical Fuck Storm

Tropical Fuck Storm

Braindrops Album & National Tour

Fans of Shit-boring, macho, square music beware. These Aussies are here to freak up your Saturday Night

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One of our greatest joys is working with people we adore, who make music we love. Gareth Liddiard and Fiona Kitschin have been working with our director Stacey Piggott for the past 15 years in various incarnations and every single one of them has blown our minds. We have worked album campaigns and national tours for The Drones, Gareth’s solo career and Tropical Fuck Storm.

These are the kinds of PR campaigns we live for. Free-flowing, flexible, and creative, with limitless possibilities. And a bunch of artists who are so damn talented, everything they deliver hits right on that sweet spot.


2019 saw the release of TFS’s second LP, Braindrops the follow up to 2018’s A Laughing Death In Meatspace.

Who’s My Eugene Official Video


TFS are darlings of music critics across the country, they always give captivating interviews, and can nail any live performances, they are a music publicist’s sweet dream.

National TV, radio, all platforms of print media from broadsheets to monthly magazines, and as many online outlets as humanly possible to fit in. And reviews, oh how people love to review them. Their releases and live shows inspire well-thought-out, time-consuming, long-form analysis of everything from their dystopian lyrical observations, to their awkward musical sounds and facial expressions on stage.

Bands like TFS are genre-defying and don’t fit any parameters of radio play. Long songs, weird chords, loaded with swear words, it’s always a challenge, but one we gladly accept with creative vigor.

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