Download Festival

Download Festival

This year’s festival has cemented Download’s role as the heavy music festival Melbourne has been waiting for

The Age

The world’s premier rock and metal event, Download landed in Australia for the first time in 2018. Begining in 2003 in Donington UK, the spiritual home of rock, Download has now expanded into France, Spain, Japan and Australia.

It is a great honour and very exciting that we are bringing Download Festival to Australia. Since the inception of Download UK in 2003, we have been looking for other territories to launch the festival and having successfully found a home for Download in France and Spain, we felt that the next country had to be Australia. Many rock fans from Australia have been in contact with us asking us to bring the festival to them – we have finally heard their calling and I cannot wait to put Download Australia on the map!” Andy Copping Download Founder


The team were engaged to launch the iconic heavy music festival on its maiden voyage in Melbourne in 2018 and has continued to nurture, grow and manage the festival’s media profile through last year’s expansion into Sydney, continuing into year three of our heavy love affair in 2020, which unfortunately became one of the first Covid 10 festival casulaties.

Held over one day in each city with 22,000 patrons at each event, Download is more than just a music festival. It is a gathering for all those who love their heavy sounds partnered with exceptional food and beverage choices, an opportunity to discover new music and an annual pilgrimage to connect with like-minded people in the mosh!

Our Work

Avid fans of the heavy music scene, we love nothing more than infiltrating the underground through to the mainstream with sounds and stories from artists with rock n roll weight!

And Download serves up just that, from the genre-bending underground to genre-defining breakthrough acts, to those global heavy music icons, whose music has soundtracked generations, Download has got everything covered for those who immerse themselves in alternative culture.

Close to 700 pieces of coverage with almost 23 million coverage views, thanks to the local, national and global interest across all media platforms.