Falls Festival

Falls Festival

“Falls Festival is one of the real mainstays of the Australian music festival landscape. Sure, it’s a whole lot bigger than it used to be, but its commitment to musical quality hasn’t abated, as you can see from the excellent line up they’ve assembled for this year’s event.”

Double J

The Falls Festival is one of Australia’s largest nationally touring music festivals with 80,000 patrons attending across the four events. Held in four stunning coastal locations across the country, Lorne VIC, Marion Bay TAS, Byron NSW and Fremantle WA. Running simultaneously over New Years Eve in all areas aside from Fremantle, the Falls Festival has become a rite of passage for young Australian music fans, who gather groups of mates for their annual road trip to these cultural destination events.


Director Stacey Piggott has been driving PR campaigns behind The Falls Festival for the past 16 years. Starting when the event was a two-state occasion in Lorne VIC and Marion Bay TAS, guiding it through its expansion into Byron NSW and later into Fremantle WA, evolving into its current incarnation.

Alycia has headed up marketing and socials strategies for the past nine years and Shari has run point for the past three years. It’s where we got our dream team groove going.

Falls requires a strategic approach to ensure the personality of each location is nurtured and broadened while respecting the overall Falls brand. Each event site has its own feel and offerings that set it aside from its siblings, giving patrons a slightly different experience.

Falls Wrap 2019/2020


Falls is a festival that incorporates many facets within its ethos and the on-ground experience for patrons. Our campaigns captured it all, covering arts, culture, sustainability, travel, wellness, environment and of course music. Across all media platforms, both local, state, national and international outlets.

Between pre and post-event coverage, and on average, our campaigns would see us garner close to 1,000 pieces of press generating close to 12 million views, with radio and television on top. That’s a whole lot of coverage!

The festival industry has gone through a lot of changes and experienced a lot of challenges over the past few years. On top of managing the Falls brand in media, selling tickets and getting great post coverage of the events, we have created and implemented a number of community-based campaigns to positively influence social behaviour and social-cultural change. Most notably Alycia and Stacey Co-Founded Your Choice – which had a huge positive impact on the event onsite culture and was picked up by other festivals, venues and arenas across Australia and New Zealand.

It is definitely an event that loved to challenge us with a new crisis communications situation to manage each year, just to add another string to our bow!

Falls Byron, NSW
Falls Marion Bay, TAS